Fund Raising Activities

The funds raised in late 2004 through LP I are now fully invested. YTW Growth Capital has during this period seen a significant flow of appealing deals that either did not fit the initial investment criteria established for LP I, or required funds that LP I did not have. Although some efforts were expended to secure alternate sources of financing for these investment candidates until they could become part of the YTW Growth Capital program, attempts at one-off financings have been found to be very inefficient and time consuming. YTW Growth Capital is currently in the process of launching YTW Growth Capital Limited Partnership II (LP II) and the YTW Growth Capital Cauldron Fund (the “Cauldron Fund”).

  • The LP II initiative will be similar to LP I, but will broaden its focus to work with non-CPC transactions and will narrow slightly its sector focus as described elsewhere on this website.

  • The Cauldron Fund initiative is intended to capitalize on the flow of appealing deals and opportunities that is being seen through the infrastructure that YTW Growth Capital has set up to work in this greatly underserved part of the market and to allow YTW Growth Capital to get involved with potential Investment Candidates at an earlier stage than is provided for by LP II.

It is expected that the Cauldron Fund initiative will invest in slightly earlier stage deals that may subsequently be funded through LP II or subsequent similar funds.


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