YTW Growth Capital Program Parameters

YTW Growth Capital expects to focus on the following sectors:

  1. Communications Technology,
  2. Entertainment and Communications Services,
  3. High Tech/Information Technology, and
  4. Special Situations.

The typical profile of an investee in the YTW Growth Capital program would likely have a number of the following attributes:

  • Established and well operated with a record of solid growth (with growth prospects either organically or through acquisition)

  • Strong market position

  • Good intellectual property or other market advantage

  • Currently be profitable or have a defined path to near term profitability

  • Potential to grow to a market capitalization level of over C$100 million in the next three to five years, and have the potential to attract analyst coverage and institutional support

  • Appealing, “marketable” story for the public market

  • Strong, entrepreneurial management in place, but possible need for strengthening in the areas of corporate strategy, corporate development, capital markets and/or finance

  • Commitment on the part of the management and owners of the company to adopt the necessary changes to grow from a closely-held private company to a public company
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