YTW Growth Capital Investment Philosophy

  • YTW Growth Capital, through its Limited Partnerships and Funds invests in private companies that are in the "breakout stage" of growth.

  • These investees are expected to have an equity value under C$30 million, and the potential to grow to a market capitalization level of over C$100 million in the next three to five years with access to the public capital markets.

  • Investments tend to be a minority position linked to representation on the board of directors of the investee.

  • Through active board representation, YTW Growth Capital will seek to aid in the growth and seasoning of each investee and to ease its transition from being a closely-held private company to a publicly traded entity.

  • YTW Growth Capital has configured itself with skills and resources to provide this crucial non-financial assistance to its investees that few other capital providers can match.
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